How do I add music/media to my profile?

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Custom music is a fun way to make your Clout profile more unique and exciting. This article will explain the process of adding and removing profile music/media.

To change your Profile Media settings, navigate to Settings > Edit Profile > Other, or just click here. In the Profile Media field, enter the media you wish to display on your profile. When adding media, keep the following in mind:

  • The only services currently supported are YouTubeSoundCloud and directly linked .mp3 files
  • YouTube videos must be "embeddable" by the person who posted the video
  • When selecting a YouTube video, only enter the Video ID, and not the full link (see below)
  • Not all media will autoplay 100% of the time. This is a browser "security feature" that cannot be overridden. We suggest using SoundCloud when possible, as it has the highest autoplay success rate.
  • You must ensure that your Privacy settings for "Who can see your other info" is set to "Everyone" or "Friends". Only audiences you make this section visible for will be able to see your profile media.

Example: Embedding a YouTube video

Find the YouTube video you want to use and add the Video ID to the Profile Media field, as explained above:

Example: Embedding a SoundCloud track

Add the full SoundCloud track URL to the Profile Media field, as explained above:

Embedding a .mp3 file

Add the full .mp3 URL to the Profile Media field, as explained above. Only .mp3 files are supported:

To remove your profile media

Remove all text from the Profile Media field:


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